About Microsoft in HiEd


The purpose of the Microsoft in Higher Education list is twofold:


Microsoft in Higher Education first started as a mailing list run out of Stanford - specifically the Win2000 mailing list. Over the years the list grew into a broad list representing the Higher Education industry and became the windows-hied mailing list. Finally, the list changed to its current name in 2017: microsoft-hied.

Eventually the mailing list pulled together to host a conference, the first taking place in ???? Ross ????. Since 2014 the conferences have been held annually on the Microsoft campus.

Conference Venue

Our friends at Microsoft have been kind to host the conference on their campus each year. By having the conference on Microsoft campus we are able to attract great speakers with little cost.

Past venues include Microsoft Building 37 in Redmond, WA and most recently the Microsoft Advanta Campus in Bellevue, WA.